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Laser etched, fully traceable, genuine silver steel to BS1407
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Genuine BS1407 Silver Steel

Silver Steel BS1407 Chemical Composition

Analysis Range (%)Typical Analysis (%)
Si.40 max.22
Mn.25 / .45.37
P.045 max.014
S.045 max.018
CrCr. .35 / .45.43

Silver Steel BS1407 Size Range

Diameter Range:2mm - 50mm1/16” - 2”
Supplied in: Boxes, 1 metre, 2 metre and 3 metre lengths
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Silver Steel BS1407 Chemical Composition

< 1”± 0.00025"
1” - 2”± 0.0005"
< 25mm+ 0/-0.015mm
25mm - 50mm+ 0/-0.025mm
The surface finish is better than 25µ inch (0.6 microns) cla.

Silver Steel Hardening

Heat slowly to 760 - 800°C using the upper end of the temperature range for lower carbon contents and lower end of temperature range for higher carbon contents. Austenitize until the temperature is uniform. Quench into well agitated water.

The approximate quench hardness is 65 to 69 Rc.

Silver Steel Tempering

Temper immediately after hardening preferably before the tool reaches room temperature. Temper for a minimum of 1 hour at temperatures between 180 - 350°C, dependent upon the final hardness required.

Silver Steel BS1407 Packaging

  • All 1 metre, 2 metre and 3 metre lengths are packaged in stout cardboard tubes to prevent any damage in transit
  • All 333mm or 13" lengths are boxed in polycarbonate lined boxes
  • All BS1407 Silver Steel pieces are coated in a lanolin solution to protect against corrosion